"wow" effect

leaving everyone speechless

no boundaries

acrobatics, stunts and fire show in perfect harmony

Take a deep breath

because you will be left breathless

Even though we enjoy in all branches of our profession(musical video shoots, movie stunt men, commercials;..), we simply love being on stage. Performing live brings us infine joy since we get into direct contact with the audience, whis is always full of smiles and huge applause. We hope that with our acrobatics shows, we bring people some new inspiration that will help them along in their life.
Our performances are a complete synfony of unimaginable human power, atractive acrobatic elements perfectly executed on background music. Choreography of bodies draws huge smiles on faces of people in audience and steals their breath.


Partner acrobatics is a gymnastics category, where acrobats with their bodies and extremly difficult elements form almost unimanigable poses. 

Ognjena predstava

Atractive fire breathing and playing with flammable objects, juggling with fire balls, spinning fire staff;..

Break dance, jazz, hip hop

Climbing and dancing on silk that is elevated from the ground, forming incredible beautiful and powerfull poses.


Manipulation of several different juggling props - throwing pins, balls, hoops;..


Executing extremly difficult and dangerous stunts, tricks, jumps, climbs, fight scenes as stuntmen and stunt coordinators. 

What do they say about us?

Duos debilos. Grandes Cohones.

Vid Valič and Peter Poles

What do they say about us?

Crazy men wothout boundaries, thank you for a spectacular show!

Union Olimpija

What do they say about us?

Filip and Blaž are a living proof that anything can be achieved with enough willpower and hard work.

Klemen Zupančič / DJ A-Lone



Guaranteed only one in Slovenia with such a range of experience and so big wide spectre of knowledge from all possible movement areas.


We always leave the audience with open mouth full of admiration, disbelief and eternal memory.


We are full of positive energy which focus is in the creation of new, extreme and spectacular projects.