Filip Kržišnik and Blaž Slanič

F&B Acrobatics

Filip and Blaž MORE ABOUT US

After many years of personal research and engagement in different dancing and acrobatic groups, and in all kinds of sports, we have combined our passion for life without boundaries and started to work together. We know each other only since may 2013, and have been actively combining our ideas and experiences into completly original extreme acrobatics show, in wich we defy gravity and other physical laws while leaving the audience speechless.

Even though we enjoy in all branches of our profession(musical video shoots, movie stunt men, commercials;..), we simply love being on stage. Performing live brings us infine joy since we get into direct contact with the audience, whis is always full of smiles and huge applause. We hope that with our acrobatics shows, we bring people some new inspiration that will help them along in their life.

The Ones Dreaming

This is a short story of two young guys with multiple talents named Filip and Blaž, together performing under the name of F&B Acrobatics. A cool idea, that turned out into their dream job of performing, teaching others and living their lives to the fullest with a smile on their faces.